Welcome To Takota's Ponies, located in Georgetown, Texas.  We are a family owned-and-operated business serving central Texas since 1999. We provide horse rentals and hand led pony rides for any special occasion.... from public AND private events.  We also offer an on-site "Party House"  rental for your celebration needs.  Since we go the extra mile to serve our customers, you are always guaranteed 2 or more ponies for private events and 3 or more ponies for public events.  You don't have to have a party to book a pony ride, we offer playdates at our site by appointment.  Contact us for more information.                


My name is Lynn, I own Takota's Ponies.  We do children's pony rides as well as  horse rides for the bigger kids and adults upon, and trackless train rides.  We service the Central Texas Area but are willing to go to other areas of the state depending upon our availability.

Basically what we do is go to events, both private and public, to have fun with the kids and let them get up close and friendly with various sizes of horses.

What I do is bring a minimum of 2 horses or ponies out to the party.  We will get out one pony, ride him for awhile, put him up and get our a second pony and ride him for the remaining time.  When I say I bring out a minimum of 2 horses or ponies, it means that I could bring out extra's if they are available.  Sometimes I bring out one or two extra. (Just depends if I can catch them!) I do run 2 trucks/trailers, the 1st one is the one I drive and usually has 3 OR MORE ponies , the second truck is driven by an assistant this truck only carries 3 ponies.  So book early and get the 1st truck's route.

The base rate is based on "A 25 mile driving radius" area from my home base.  Base rate for me and the horses  is $200.00 per hour, after the first 25 miles, we will then charge $1.00 per mile.  We start the mileage from my home. . .I will mapquest my address and your address if the mileage is estimated close.

I do not charge a "Head Count" Fee, some companies charge up from $1.50 - $10 extra per child over a certain amount of kids. . .

A minimum of 1 hour for any party is required.  I start bookings at:

11 a.m. or earlier

1 p.m.,

3 p.m.,

5 p.m. or later.  

The 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. are the most requested times and should be requested as soon as a date can be set.  Sundays are a little more flexible on start times.

I can book parties up to 1 year or more in advance but last minute bookings are also available if your start time is flexible.  The Months of April and October do book out the fastest of all the calendar months.

Thank you for choosing Takota's Ponies ~


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