DO YOU ANTICIPATE LOTS OF CHILDREN ? ? ?  Well what we can do to accommodate this is:

1)  Book a pony assistant to use multiple ponies at the same time, instead of  just one at a time. This way the children will get twice as many rides during the same hour. . the rate is $25.00 per hour /per assistant.

2) Or book extra time, which is prorated at $100.00 for 30 minute increments.


3.  If you the customer will supply the pony assistants (strong arm, strong personality, and common sense person) the we get out ALLLLL the extra ponies for no extra charges. . this ensures lots of extra rides for the children. . . PLEASE NOTE:   I DO RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE YOUR CHOICE OF HELPER IF I FEEL THAT PERSON IS NOT TO MY STANDARDS.  YOU WILL ALSO ASSUME ALL THE LIABILITY FOR THAT PERSON'S ACTIONS.


LOOKING FOR SOMETHING UNIQUE?                                     

White Unicorn, Painted Unicorn, "Hand Painted Pony Game", American Indian and Medieval themes all at an additional fee.

 Want to add some party fun?  How about adding Paint The Pony Game?


Have Questions?  Just email us