Number #1 Pony is Bree-Z-Spicey Angel "AKA" Spice ~ she is Baby Girls daughter and was born in 2013.  SHE TAKES RIDERS UP TO 40LBS.



Number #2 Pony is Caramel Candy  ~ he is a mixed breed dunn with a blond mane and tail and is approximately 42' tall.  He was born in 1997 and will take riders up to 70 lbs.


NUMBER #3 Pony is Bella Mi  a small dapple w a blondish mane and tale like caramel above... no pic as of right now.


Number #4 Pony is Black Hawk "AKA"  Hawk.  He is not a true black but a lined back dark bay and is approximately 42 " tall.  He was born in 2003 and will take riders up to 70 lbs.  He has been with TKP since 2005.


Number #5 Pony is Sister Rayne "AKA" Sissy ~ She is a red and white paint and was aquired in 2008.  She is approximately 8 years old and 42" She can take riders up to 80lbs. 

Number #6 Pony is Takota ~ He is a mixed breed pony that is Cremello (a white pony with pink skin and blue eyes)  His eyes are a white-ice blue.  He looks like a Unicorn without the horn.  He is approximately 13HH tall and was born in 1997.  He will take riders up to 100lbs.  He has been with TKP since 1999.


Number #07 Horse is Black Diamond "AKA" Big Momma ~ She is approximately 14 years old and 14.2 hands tall.  She is a Peruvian  Paso.  She is chocolate black.  She was received in October of 2006  She will take riders up to 175lbs.